Anthropologist Tanya J. Matthews muses on the complex study of human interactions and relationships to flora. Descending from an Afro-Latina lineage, she follows the traditions of curanderismo, folk herbalism, and naturopathic medicine. 

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, Tanya holds particular interests in estuarine biodiversity, coastal wetland conservation, and sustainable agriculture. Her work continues to build upon Southern folk medicine, bridging the connections between mythology and environmental science. 

Tanya is an avid researcher whose creative endeavors connect the micro-macro worlds to nourish our awareness and appreciation for natural resource stewardship, care, and preservation. Her herbalism practice is grounded in ritual. fueled by the desire to cultivate equity in access to natural medicine and environmental knowledge. She firmly believes that cultivating a direct relationship with the Earth leads to self-empowerment and liberation.

Tanya currently offers herbal medicine at Tea at Shiloh in Los Angeles, and is available for private bookings:
- Herbal remedies // recipe consultation & development
- Community herbalism workshops (adults + children)
- Intimate private tea experiences 
- Teas with Bees Experience

Certified herbalist in Medicinal Plants at Cornell University, 2022. 

Image courtesy of Wild Plants of Spring Workshop with Sasha Emoniee. 

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